20 Things That Happen in Your 30s that Didn’t Happen in Your 20s

I was 29 when I quit my job to become a freelance writer online. Something that sets me apart from my friends, siblings and peers is that I quite like getting older. Don’t get me wrong – I’m as nostalgic as they come – but deep down I know things are better now.

Why? Because I’m better now.

I’m a better friend, a better daughter, a better partner, a better worker, a better writer… and a better cook, actually.

Like a fine wine (or a good cheese) I get better with age.

So, in a huge detour from the usual freelance writing online tips and advice, this week seems like the perfect juncture to take a tongue-in-cheek look at what happens in your 30s that never seemed to happen in your 20s.

Here’s the good, the bad and the downright… indifferent:

  1. You have hangovers that span multiple days.
  2. You implement a system to remind yourself of people’s birthdays (either online or offline).
  3. You become conscious of what you drink.
  4. Your social media feeds are inundated with baby pictures and wedding photos.
  5. Sometimes your prosecco glass is filled with champagne.
  6. You become conscious of what you eat.
  7. Everybody under 25 looks incredibly young.
  8. You become conscious of your past.
  9. You realise that the person (or group) you’ve been trying to impress all this time doesn’t even exist – damn.
  10. You become slightly more conscious of your own mortality.
  11. You never thought you’d say it, but you realise that 30 years old is, in actual fact, incredibly young.
  12. You realise that the slow passage of time experienced in your youth was just an illusion created by not having been on the planet very long.
  13. You do yoga (or intend to).
  14. Ibiza (or insert any other party holiday destination here) seems busy and, well, kinda loud.
  15. You sometimes get up early at the weekend. For no particular reason.
  16. You buy plants (or intend to).
  17. You go out for dinner more than you go out for drinks.
  18. You look forward to ‘free’ weekends where there’s nothing planned.
  19. You run for reasons other than to catch a bus (or because you’re being chased).
  20. You don’t work for any less than you’re worth (hopefully).

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All that aside, the real thing that comes with age is a sense of honesty. Life is finally honest with you.

You reach a certain age and the essential truths about life burst through a membrane that you realise had been protecting (or hindering?) you your entire life.

You can see the truth in life itself. You see it hanging from the bare branches of the trees in the winter and in the song and dance of the spring that follows. Life reveals itself to be like the seasons: changeable yet always unchanged.

You’ve seen and heard this all before of course, but with age the cycle shows itself for what it truly is.

So here’s what I’m saying to you:

[Tweet “Keep writing and work hard. But keep it all in perspective.”]

The time will pass and the world will keep on spinning anyway.

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8 thoughts on “20 Things That Happen in Your 30s that Didn’t Happen in Your 20s

  1. 21. You’re more confident you are in your opinions/ideas/insight – especially those you’ve learned/gained over the years – and you start to ignore some of the naysayers or people who put down everyone else; if in doubt, refer to point #9. 😉

    1. Agreed Craig! Ignoring the naysayers is fast becoming a firm feature of my 30s. 😉 Thanks for stopping by and contributing.

  2. Wow I will be turning 32 in March I have been through a lot already sadly divorce was one of those things but it turned out to be for the better, I have learned a lot from it and will continue to learn from it, I think one of the biggist things that I have learned is even when you are 30 you do not have all the answers for some reason when I was in my 20 I thought that the 30 year old have all the answers boy have my eyes been open ha ha ha! I have not reached that level and probably won’t for a very long time, we’ll it is all part of the journey.

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