What the Universe Told Me When I Was Struggling to Make a Living Writing


Nothing ever stays the same.

I know you forget at times that I’m conspiring with you and not against you.

I know you sometimes think that success, improvement, money and reward aren’t on their way to you.

And I know it’s easy to forget that you have so much strength, creativity and ability already inside of you.

But try to remember.

I know that the world is full of distractions, loud noises, small embarrassments, failures, awkward humdrum and pointless rituals.

That’s all just a bit of fun! Don’t deny yourself any of it.

But know the truth:

The truth is, you’re living in a world of infinite abundance. You may hear that phrase a lot and I see you skimming over it now, not truly knowing quite what it means.

Well, I can tell you: it means never-ending supplies of everything.

Anything you could possibly want or need, and anything everybody else could possibly want or need.

And you can have it too – what you want I mean – and so can everybody else.

But you have to abide by the rules of Nature.

To make a living writing:

You have to truly want it, to dwell upon it – and not on the inverse of what you want – and you have to give before you can get.

Stick to the rules. Not society’s – most of those were created out of fear or folly – but Nature’s rules. You can’t change them any more than you can change the ebb and flow of the tide, or the rise and fall of the sun.

And didn’t anybody ever tell you not to worry about the things you can’t change?


Nothing ever stays the same.

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4 thoughts on “What the Universe Told Me When I Was Struggling to Make a Living Writing

  1. Thanks so much Kirsty, this post is the perfect message from the Universe to me today. I felt all my energy, strength and creativity return to my body as I read it. Big thanks.

    1. I’m so glad Norma. I was a bit nervous about hitting publish on this one as it’s not like my other posts. Happy to hear it resonated with you today.

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