One of the Best Ways to Make Money Online (Without Being Seedy)

One of the best ways to make money online – without resorting to pushy or sleazy sales tactics – is to implement some considered and honest affiliate partnering on your website or blog.

Last week we explored the notion that as freelance writers we were in the perfect position to make money online by creating a lifestyle business in addition to our other freelance work.

I’m talking about creating more revenue streams so that in the future you don’t have to rely on just one or two of your biggest writing clients to bring in most of your regular income.

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Generating my weekly or monthly income from a variety of sources makes a lot of sense to me. It makes even more sense in this tricky economic climate.

Apparently there’s been some sort of devastating global recession.

Apparently the safety nets we employed are, well, not employing anymore.

Apparently working for just one person or company is no longer the sensible route to financial freedom and security.

I’m not entirely sure that everybody has completely cottoned on to this yet.

Sure, they know that the economy isn’t what it used to be and they feel the financial strain every time they leave the supermarket feeling robbed or every time they pay their ever-rising energy bills.

I’m just not sure that everybody knows what to do about it.

Some people have panicked and, in hearing or reading about the opportunities that the online world seems to so tantalisingly offer, they set about trying to make money online. All fired up with a mixture of enthusiasm and anxiety, they look in all the wrong places, perhaps receive some bad advice, and try to make money online in shoddy, seedy ways that helps nobody – least of all them.

If you’re a writer looking for the best ways to make money online then please don’t be disheartened. There are reputable ways to build sustainable, meaningful and honest income streams online by using the writing skills you already have. While I have my own freelance writing course on Udemy and a travel blogging eBook on Amazon, I want to focus on affiliate partnering…

The best ways to make money online with affiliate ‘partnering’

Affiliate marketing is nothing new in the online world. In fact website upon website upon website has been set up with the sole intention of making money through affiliate links. You’ve probably clicked on thousands of affiliate links without even knowing it.

So what is this affiliate partnering?

Good old Wikipedia defines affiliate marketing as ‘a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.’

Thanks Wiki.

I define affiliate partnering as this too – but with a slight twist.

In my definition of affiliate ‘partnering’ the same results are had, i.e. you’re rewarded for sending a customer a business’s way, but there’s a bit more to it than that.

The world of affiliates is changing for a small but incredibly significant part of the online world. These people are bloggers, community builders and sometimes world changers and vast wells of inspiration to a growing number of people.

They give away their content for free and nurture the connections and relationships they make with their peers and readers. They use affiliate partnering to add value to their readers and will only recommend a product or service that they know, love, trust and use personally themselves.

These people are totally upfront about the fact that they’re recommending a product, and that they’ll earn a small revenue if a reader should click through and it results in a purchase – mainly because they see it as entirely justified.

And it is, isn’t it?

  • They’re being honest – mainly because they’ve got nothing to hide
  • They’re not spamming anyone or bombarding them with constant marketing messages
  • They’re giving away pretty much everything to their reader for free

So why not generate some additional income for themselves by recommending something they were going to recommend anyway? While the traditional affiliate marketing methods, in my mind, are spammy and most definitely bordering on seedy. What I like about this new method emerging is this:

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Nobody can really make it work if they don’t have the trust and respect of the people they’re making recommendations to. This means that only the genuine, honest and hardworking writers and entrepreneurs online succeed and prosper.


 Ooh, that makes me happy.

Affiliate partnering is a great way to make money online as a writer, particularly if you already have an active blog.

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20 thoughts on “One of the Best Ways to Make Money Online (Without Being Seedy)

  1. Great post! I have to admit, being relatively new to blogging and the online world I immediately get suspicious when told I can make money online.The photo above, captures perfectly what I anticipate. The information here helps to shed a little more light on what the options are.

    1. Hi Debra,

      Yes, I was hoping that I wouldn’t be confused for a dodgy salesperson with the picture in this post! I think most people get what I’m trying to do here. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing – glad you found it useful.

  2. I tend to walk away from the used car salesmen of the inter webs. But I see nothing wrong with making money from our work and such. Isn’t that why most of us are here anyway?

  3. Great post, Kristy! I so love the idea of recommending products you use and like – this is even a principle of mine when i am taking up new clients – if i don’t like you or your product, no way i’m gonna market it! 🙂 And i also started such website recently – with products i use on daily basis in my work… but i don’t really do anything on it yet (so i won’t share it just yet 😉

    I dislike very much bloggers who run product reviews and giveaway based blogs and recommending all kind of products that they do or don’t like – but they recommend if not else, because they’ve gotten them for free and have inserted their affiliate links.

    I am all for inserting an affiliate link to a product you like and recommend; but i am totally against recommending a product because you insert an affiliate link. am so glad we are on the same page about it 😀

    1. Absolutely agree with you Diana – I hate it when you know full well that bloggers and marketers are purely promoting something because they might make a few bucks from it! This way is so much better – giving value first and foremost comes up trumps again 🙂

  4. I feature many books and literature related topics on my blog, so I was a bit disappointed when I found out that North Carolina is one of something like six states that do not allow participation in Amazon’s affiliate program. Thankfully, I’ll be moving soon, and eventually I do hope to add some sort of affiliate to my blog.

    1. I didn’t know that about the different states in America.

      Yeah, I think it’s a great and honest way to earn additional income if you’re upfront with your readers and are recommending stuff to them anyway. Thanks for the comment Jeri.

  5. Good for you Kirsty on taking the bull by the horns and ‘going for it’. I keep telling myself I must do some affiliate marketing, but haven’t yet done it. So I may be taking a look at the video series you mentioned. I think it’s completely appropriate for bloggers who provide decent content have appropriate affiliates they work with. That said, there;s nothing worse than an affiliate laden site-which yours isn’t at all obviously. So getting the balance right must be part of the process. Thanks for this helpful post 🙂

    1. Thanks Andrew! I’ve only just started implementing the affiliate side of things – only one ‘partner’ so far! If and when I use and love other people’s products I’ll consider partnering with them in the future. The other affiliate option of course (particularly if you’re an author) is to review or recommend books you love on Amazon.

  6. I think almost everyone (unless incredibly gullible) are weary and hesitant to use these “make-money-quick” online tactics. You give good advice here and its important for readers to understand that some steps help you work toward making money while others are simply scams.

    1. I think you’re right Kelly – these ‘get rich quick’ schemes are so abundant online now that people can usually see straight through them when they inevitable stumble across them. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts 🙂

  7. Love this post, Kirsty. I want to make some money with my blog at some point and I wasn’t sure about the affiliate marketing angle. I like the “partnering” idea much better and will aim for this!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Bree! Yes, I think just the term ‘make money online’ conjures up ideas of spamming and duping readers into buying things they don’t really need, but there are ways to do it honestly and professionally. Glad you like the idea!

  8. I really needed this right now. I have been wondering about what my next steps would be in regarding monetization. This really helps me figure some the maze of stuff out. Thank you SOOO much. 🙂

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