All Words In This Blog Post Are Made Up Of Just 1 Syllable*

All the words in this blog post are made up of just one syllable. (*Well, all bar one. I’m sure you have the nous to spot it.)

Why do this?

Why, why, why write a blog post where all but one of the words are one syllable? (I did not say that one word could not be used more than once!)

For one, it means I’m forced to look at the way I choose my words. It makes me think. It makes me look at the range of words I can use to reach the same point. In that way, I guess it helps me with my craft.

You can learn more on this, and get other tips on ways to write, in this film: (It’s for those who write scripts but is great for those who write for the web too.)

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1qbU0tZ2NqVURtQQ==[/video_player]

So, is this a waste of time?

I don’t think so. Just as with what you read, what you write (and how) can teach you a lot when it comes to your craft.

Try it with an old blog post. It’s a great way to spend a break from your work, or to get through a block when you can’t think what to write.

It’s sort of fun too.

What do you think? Are there things you do to help hone your craft? Could that help us too?

To get more tips like this and a free book, click here now.

Image courtesy of MTSOfan via Flickr.

12 thoughts on “All Words In This Blog Post Are Made Up Of Just 1 Syllable*

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    1. That’s great Traci. There was absolutely nothing I could think of to replace the work “syllable” so you did better than me!

  2. That was very good, Kirsty.

    It’s good to try something different sometimes. I wrote my first post on my new website in the form of a poem. Have you tried something like that before?

    1. Ah-ha! I honestly couldn’t think of any alternative words for “syllable”! “Beat” is a good one – thanks Angela! I think I’ve heard of that book before. Interesting idea and it must have been such a challenge to write. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Wow!! it’s a great tip… I mean it’s not only use your ability to write, it makes you think a lot! and, as you said, it’s a great tip when you don’t know what to write!

    thanks for sharing!

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