How to Attract Quality Traffic and Skyrocket Your Blog

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This week, it’s my pleasure to introduce guest blogger Chris from Better Blog Traffic. Whether you’ve got your own blog or you’re blogging for clients, Chris is about to reveal how to skyrocket any blog to heady heights…


One of the most talked about topics in the blogosphere is how to get traffic to your blog.

This makes sense – everybody wants traffic, right? It’s how you attract clients and perhaps make passive income.

However there’s more to building traffic than the sheer volume of people visiting your blog.

As a blogger you need to attract an audience that’s engaged with your content.

How do you achieve this?

It’s simple – by attracting quality traffic!

What is quality traffic?

I would define quality traffic as traffic that’s highly targeted and brings a direct benefit to you.

Of course not every visitor to your site is going to want to immediately hire your services or buy your eBook, but when you have an audience interested in what you have to say, they’re much more likely to share your content on social media and subscribe to your blog.

There’s a marked difference between a high volume of visitors who have a passing interest in what you’re writing about and an audience that’s engaged and wants to consume as much content as you put out.

A mistake a lot of bloggers and website owners in general make is to assume that any traffic is good traffic.

Hand-lettering artist and entrepreneur, Sean McCabe created a video on this very issue and it makes for fascinating viewing. It demonstrates the stark difference between having many people with a passing interest visiting your site versus having fewer visitors who are laser-targeted and interested in what you’re selling.

The ideal of course is to get a high volume of quality traffic.

How to get quality traffic to your blog

So how do you attract quality traffic?

There are multiple ways to do this but below are what I believe to be the four most effective.

1.  Great content

This one should be obvious. Everything starts with great content. Great content should be compelling, unique and of true value to readers. When you publish quality content you’ll inevitably attract quality traffic.

2.  Twitter

Twitter is an invaluable marketing resource for freelancers. It enables you to connect with influential figures in your niche and attract a following of people who are interested in the content you put out. The key to using Twitter to attract quality traffic is by truly engaging with other users and sharing great content – whether it’s your own or something you’ve stumbled across online.

3.  Guest posting

Guest posting is perhaps the best way way to build quality traffic to your blog. The key to successful guest posting is picking the right blogs to submit to. Which blogs you submit to will depend on your particular niche. Most bloggers have a good knowledge of topics like WordPress, social media and SEO, which means there are a lot of great blogs out there for you to submit guest posts to.

4.  YouTube

I’m sure you’ve heard enough times that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Given that fact, it’s surprising how few bloggers use YouTube to its full potential. YouTube isn’t just for funny cat videos; it’s an extremely useful resource for bloggers and marketers to build their audience. YouTube is perfect for things like video interviews, training videos and sharing marketing techniques.

So from now on, when you think about how to get traffic to your blog picture the type of people you want to attract first.

What are their passions?

What do they want to learn?

What keeps them up at night?

By thinking in this way rather that in terms of sheer numbers, you’ll create compelling content that will attract the audience you want.

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Chris has worked as a freelance writer since 2011 and is the editor of, where he provides freelance writing tips and marketing advice for freelance writers, entrepreneurs and social media marketers. You can follow Chris on Twitter @better_traffic.


Original image courtesy of deanoakley via Flickr.

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