How to be the Best Damn Press Release Writer in the Business

When you think about freelance writing online, you often think about writing blog posts. Perhaps writing web pages too. While that makes up a lot of freelance writers’ work in the online world, press release writing is something that has personally been a nice little earner for me.

Creating an effective press release for a client’s new product or service is surprisingly simple. Just follow these five steps:

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1.) Find the angle

Sometimes this isn’t obvious, so you need to use all of your detective skills to unearth why the reader should care about the subject. A reader doesn’t care if a company has a new product out, but they will care if that product is rumoured to be popular with – oh, I don’t know – a member of the royal family (for instance).

2.) Incorporate your angle into a catchy title

This needs to be edgy yet factual and, unlike with blog posts, it doesn’t matter if your title runs over to a couple of lines.

3.) Write an opening paragraph that includes all the important facts

As a test, check that if the client or publication were to cut everything that follows your opening paragraph, it would still include all of the story’s most important facts.

4.) Support your angle using a second and possibly third paragraph

Use this space to expand on your story, add more information about the company and explain why this new announcement/service/product should be of interest to readers. Use quotes from your client to liven up the article.

5.) Conclude with facts and details

Provide a fact about the company in context and tell the reader where they can get hold of their products or services, i.e. “Princely Pens have been selling their unique take on office stationary since 2002. Their friendly, family-run store can be found on Wood Lane in London.”

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If you always remember to write in the third person and apply the above tips to every press release you write, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a superstar press release writer in no time.

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Main image courtesy of Joan M. Mas / Side image courtesy of Dennis Jarvis – both via Flickr.

8 thoughts on “How to be the Best Damn Press Release Writer in the Business

  1. Great article Kirsty. You pointe out in direct way the important points. I loved them all.
    I had a communications instructor in college who left a strong impression on me. His mantra was; “Tell them what you want to tell them. Then tell them. Finally, tell them what you told them”.

  2. That’s a great quote Martin and probably all there is to it – people have a tendency to over think these things! I’m glad you enjoyed the post Edward and Susan. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Just what I needed to see today as I’m writing two book releases. Thank you, Kirsty. Like that you mention the title can run a couple lines. Thanks!

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