3 Blog Posts That Will Help You Get More Done (Mainly By Doing Less)

How often do you wish you could get more done in any one day? How often do you race against the clock to meet a deadline, or simply feel overwhelmed by your day-to-day tasks? First off, read this.

Suitably chilled out about the whole thing and ready to get to work? Great. So how do you actually go about being more productive?

Unfortunately I can’t add any more hours to your day, but I can point you in the direction of some online resources that will help to simplify your life and free up some precious time. Here’s how to make a start right now…

1.)  Nail The Morning Routine

Super blogger Chris Brogan believes you should start from the beginning.

Of your day that is.

In his post ‘How To Get More Done – The Works’ he sets out a seven-day morning challenge to his readers, promising that if they just stick with it for that time period, their productivity will sky-rocket.

The method works because it forces you to not only be disciplined right from the very start of your day, but to really live and work more consciously. This means you can get more of your important tasks done without rushing around simply reacting to what’s being thrown at you – and then wondering where the day went.

2.)  Scale Back and Simplify

When Leo Babauta created zenhabits.net in 2007 his aim was to find ‘simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives’.

It’s now one of the 25 top blogs in the world and has hundreds of thousands of readers devouring content about simplicity, productivity and happiness.

In ‘72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life’ Leo talks about getting rid of the clutter in order to make way for the most important things. This can be applied to your work life and your personal life, and will ultimately help you get more done in your day (or at least the stuff that matters most).

3.)  Stop Making it Worse for Yourself

In her boldly named blog post, ‘How To Double Your Results and Actually Work LESS’, Marie Forleo flips time-saving and productivity on its head. She touches on an interesting point about how we’re subconsciously sabotaging our own productivity by employing ‘Parkinson’s Law’ to all we set out to do. This ‘law’ states that our work expands to fill the time we’ve allotted to it.

Marie insists we can all get things done in much less time than we think. For instance, she points out how you can often achieve something big in a short space of time should an unmissable opportunity or dream project comes up when your schedule is already bulging at the seams.

These are just some of the resources available that look at how you can get more done each day. Because it’s such a pressing modern problem, hundreds of people have tried and tested ways to increase productivity and shared their most successful ones in blog posts like these.

Common threads throughout all of these appear to be:

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  • De-clutter – that’s your inbox, your desk, your life
  • Get up early and establish a routine
  • Prioritise your to-do list and weed out unnecessary evils
  • Limit distractions (to zero)
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by important tasks


Good luck!

PS If you find the time between all that productivity, why not check out this FREE eBook on how to start a writing portfolio from scratch?

Image courtesy of North Charleston via Flickr.

4 thoughts on “3 Blog Posts That Will Help You Get More Done (Mainly By Doing Less)

  1. Ah, the battle to be a morning person. I’m trying, and it works sometimes but it so goes against my personality and comfort zone. I have a morning class where I teach four days a week, and even though it has made me more productive in some areas, it has also made me a bit cranky and sleep-deprived. I’ve tried a lot of conventional and rational tips to fix my sleeping issues (I have some), but I might need to see a professional.

    But I’m seriously into decluttering. I just wish I didn’t like shopping and reading from paper so much. It would make my office space so much more zen! Off to check out the recommended posts now. 🙂

    1. Oh me too Pinar! I’m not naturally a morning person and by no means am I stating that I follow all of the above! I’m constantly tweaking my work schedule to experiment with how effective I am at different times throughout the day (and night).

      I’m sure we’re all just wired differently. What works for these top bloggers might not work for everyone.

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