Read This and Never Be Afraid Again:

You were born with the fear of only two things:

The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

These were generous (and necessary) gifts from nature to aid your survival.

All other fears are mere fabrications in the sense that if you ceased to believe in them, they would immediately cease to exist. In fact, they do not exist in any literal or biological sense – only in your mind.

All other so-called fears were given to you, impressed upon you or otherwise weaved into the fabric of your mind by your parents, teachers and religious figures in your tentative early years. These people likely meant you no harm of course. They were just passing down what they believed to be true and what they thought would help.

What’s more, you’ve likely multiplied, expanded upon and even created your own fears as you’ve grown older.

The media and other institutions in society will have seen to that.

What does this mean for you?

The good news is that as these additional ‘fears’ are not rooted in any factual framework, nor do they serve any biological purpose, it’s quite possible to pluck away at these tightly woven notions until they unravel and cease to exist in your mind once again.

It’s quite safe to go about your life with only the two basic fears that nature handed you from the moment you were born.

This means that unless you find yourself plummeting off a cliff-face without a parachute, or hear the distinct sound of a lion’s roar immediately behind you, you can cease being afraid of everything else.

If you want to quit your day job, become a writer, an artist, wealthy entrepreneur or anything else, you can legitimately and scientifically go ahead with those plans without fear of rejection, ridicule or failure.

At last, you can get out into the world and do something with your life.

Isn’t that just the most liberating thing you’ve heard in a while?

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photo credit: Marjan Lazarevski via Flickr.

One thought on “Read This and Never Be Afraid Again:

  1. Interesting take on this, Kirsty. Isn’t it interesting how we aren’t born with the fear of public speaking or the fear of failure? Yet those are the ones that tend to get to us the most. And let’s not forget that we can easily overcome the fear of falling and loud noises. If that’s easy, imagine how easy it would be to overcome fears you WEREN’T born with.

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