How to Build a Solid Reputation as a Freelance Writer Online… Without a Website

When you work online your reputation and portfolio is all you have to convince clients that you’re the capable writer you know yourself to be.

It can be the difference between you getting hired as a writer or not.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you start building a remarkable reputation and a solid portfolio right from the get-go.

And then ensure you live up to – or surpass – that reputation.

If you’re just starting out as a freelance writer online, you might be interested to know that I’ve been busy working on a FREE eBook just for you.

The eBook, is available right now and is completely free!

Here’s what you’ll learn with your FREE eBook:

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  • How to build a writing portfolio from complete scratch
  • How to quickly acquire a clutch of glowing client testimonials
  • How to earn some cash from your writing right from the start
  • What the best platforms are from which to practice your craft and build your reputation as a writer
  • How to get the highest-paying freelance writing jobs across the major freelancing websites


And all that before you’ve even set up any kind of writer’s website!

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>> Here’s the link again: How to Build a Solid Reputation as a Freelance Writer Online.

(PS: This free eBook is also part of the Freelance Writers Online course. Click here for more details: Complete Freelance Writing Online Course: Beginner to Pro.)

9 thoughts on “How to Build a Solid Reputation as a Freelance Writer Online… Without a Website

  1. Wow! I just came here to see your new post.

    When I read my name I was like “wait…what?” I’m still asleep (It’s 7 AM) hahaha

    Thanks for choosing me! 😀 Can’t wait to take your course!

  2. Hey Kirsty!

    Just got the ebook in my inbox, will definitely be reading this at some point today throughout my 9-5!

    I’m sure it’ll be a great resource and really hope land my first client over the next month or so (pretty nervous about the whole thing!)

    Also a thank you again for being the first to comment on my blog haha,

    Meant a lot, especially the part saying it was wonderfully written.
    Gives me a bit more confidence that I can actually write haha!

    All the best with the rest of your week!


    1. Glad you’ve got the book and are on your way Jackson! 🙂 Your blog is great and I’m glad my comment gave you confidence because that’s a lot to do with getting good writing work…

      Don’t worry – the eBook makes everything seem a bit less scary by breaking it all down. Let me know what you think and how you get on.

  3. Hello Kirsty,

    First, thanks so much for this resource! I hunted and hunted for jobs with no experience on Elance, and was extremely frustrated. reading this post, and the rest of your ebook definitely demystified the process of getting clippings and building a reputation. So far, I have had a lot of success on fiverr. After completing six or so gigs, I still haven’t been able to successfully get started on any of the sites in the next tier (Elance, PeoplePerHour, Odesk, etc). What is a reasonable timeline for switching from one to the other? I wonder if I’m rushing off of Fiverr before I build enough of a portfolio.


    1. Hi Michael. It sounds like you’ve already started to build a good foundation as a writer. It’s less to do with a particular timeline and more to do with knowing when to quit building a portfolio and start pitching for work. It can be difficult to get quality work on freelancing sites because there are so many writers willing to work for less than what they’re worth unfortunately. If you’ve had no luck on these sites it may be more down to this than anything else. My advice? If you’ve completed six pieces of work on Fiverr then you now have enough to approach clients directly and go at it from that angle. It’s just a case of finding a website or publication that you know would benefit from your writing skills and pitching to them directly via email. If you’re interested I cover exactly the best way to approach this, including an email template you can use, in my new course:

      All the very best!

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