What My Driving Instructor Taught Me About Being a Freelance Writer

The main thing that makes me compare being a freelance writer to learning to drive are the things my driving instructor used to say to me.

So, with the ingeniously named sub-heading below (I don’t know how I come up with this stuff), I hereby invite you on a pun-filled voyage back to the young and impressionable world of my late teens:

Things my driving instructor used to say:

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  • “It’s only my job to teach you how to pass your driving test. It’s after you pass your test that you really learn to drive.”

It occurred to me that my time working a nine to five job in an office was teaching me only to jump through hoop after hoop. As soon as I became a freelance writer I felt like I was driving for real. You might say I was finally in the driving seat after all those years… (That’s the first pun out of the way.)


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  • “The best students are the ones who have absolutely no experience whatsoever. Why? Because they don’t need to undo any of the bad habits they’ve picked up.”


Thankfully I missed the whole ‘black hat’ SEO marketing phase where (some) online writers and marketers were only interested in stuffing their content full of keywords and producing gobbledygook instead of quality stuff. It was enough to ‘drive’ any reader crazy.  (Oh dear.) I’m glad I came in when I did and didn’t inadvertently pick up any bad habits. If you’re new to freelance writing online, you should be thankful for this too.

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  • (After I’d executed a perfect left turn, eased seamlessly up the gears and then pulled over at his request): “Now, what was wrong with that?”


At his question I’d shaken my head, raised my eyebrows and dipped the corners of my mouth down with the vague air of confidence one can only achieve through genuine ignorance. “Well, it was all perfect,” he said, “apart from the fact that I asked you to turn right, not left. There was a right turning further down but you took the left instead as you saw it first. It doesn’t matter though – the main thing is you committed to it and executed it well.”

So it doesn’t matter which turning I take as long as I commit to it and try my best along the way?

Oh he was a wise man. So very, very wise.

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Image courtesy of miheco via Flickr.

5 thoughts on “What My Driving Instructor Taught Me About Being a Freelance Writer

  1. hahaha, we have a saying here – turn left (driver turning right) – well, the other left 😉

    pretty cool post. At first i was shocked to see it as i played in my mind with the very same topic just yesterday – but the unclear (yet) idea of my post is somewhat different than yours, so… stay tuned. Some day you will see my version of freelance and driving as well 😉

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