Freelance Writers Online helps writers to earn more money and create more freedom.

It was founded in 2013 by Kirsty Stuart, a freelance writer fed up with overly pessimistic blogs about the state of online writing – and overly optimistic ones about making money.

Freelance Writers Online founder - Kirsty Stuart
Freelance Writers Online founder, Kirsty Stuart

Unable to find a frank yet encouraging resource for freelance writers, Kirsty started her own, sharing her journey from working in a dull office job to building a lucrative writing career – usually while travelling the world.

Freelance Writers Online has grown into a learning hub for new and existing online writers. It has featured in other publications around the web and even spawned a bestselling Udemy course.

If you’re brand new to freelance writing online, dive straight into these corkers:

Welcome aboard.

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