Are You Making These 3 Mistakes on Your About Me Page? (I Bet You’re Doing #2!)

Whether it’s for your writer’s website, your blog or even for a client, knowing how to write an effective About Me page can be the difference between a reader clicking into – or away from – your main content.

With that in mind, here are some common mistakes to avoid if you want your About Me page to work for you instead of against you.

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Mistake #1: You’ve suddenly gone boring!

Some of the most creative, lively, frank and downright crazy bloggers and writers can trip up on this one. They got their reputation (and work) by being themselves and writing in their own voice, but when it comes to their About Me page, they write in this boring, droning tone they’ve never used before. Write your About Me page in your usual tone and omit the jargon and stuffy, corporate language – otherwise you’ll have readers reaching for the ‘x’ at the top of their screens before you can say  “I think outside the proverbial box.”

Mistake #2: You’re making your About Me page about you

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but:

[Tweet “Your About Me page is not actually about you. #freelancewriters”]

OK, it’s a little bit about you; readers who click on this page will want a bit of background on you and your story, but – as always – it’s all about your readers. It’s about what your story, your current position and your website can do for them. You’ve just got to find a way to blend your story into that basic structure. Keep the focus on what you can offer the person reading your About Me page, then expertly weave your story and expertise into the fabric of it.

Mistake #3: You’re not inviting readers to delve into your site

Your About Me page is the perfect platform from which to introduce your site and explain what it can do for your readers (see above). The best way to ensure readers realise just how much they can’t live without you and your site, is to link to your very best content within it. If you have some blog posts that are particularly popular and that people have responded well to in the past, link to these. If you have content that you’re particularly proud of and know will help readers take the next steps to exploring your site, introduce that content and link to it.

Now you know how to avoid the most common mistakes when writing an About Me page, have fun with your own. Whether you’re a lone blogger, a freelance writer or a business owner, you need to ensure your About Me page is engaging enough that readers can’t help but stick around begging for more.

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13 thoughts on “Are You Making These 3 Mistakes on Your About Me Page? (I Bet You’re Doing #2!)

  1. Great article!!! I hadn’t thought of an about page as a place to put links to some of my articles. Thanks for the suggestions. I will be looking over my about page to see what can be tweaked.

  2. Hi Kirsty!

    Excellent tips and insight!

    I will admit it, I think I have been guilty of making my “About Page” all about me. I know, it’s stupid of me, and I wish it wasn’t so, but thanks to you and your blog post here, my ignorance has been revealed and now I know how to “heal” my lifeless “About Page”.

    Thank you once again for such an informative blog post!


    William Ballard

    1. Ah, it’s not stupid of you William – it’s what we all do! It just takes a bit of ongoing tweaking as Wendy said above. Glad you found the post useful and thanks for stopping by.

  3. I would add “Writing in third person” to the list!

    I hate when I see this: “John Doe helps freelancers…” who wrote that? Obviously John Doe did!

    I think I’m making mistake#3. It would be great to add a “Popular posts” widget to avoid this.

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. Fantastic point there Karen. That is definitely Mistake #4 right there – I hate third person talk on an About Me page!

  4. Good thinking Kirsty. It may be counter-intuitive in view of the title but people naturally care how something can benefit them. I actually took mine off my web-site a while ago because my site theme mangles the layout but I have held off editing it precisely until I figure out how to combine that clear benefit to the reader with the limitations of the theme.

    1. Good for you Paul. In fact, an effective About Me page is probably better than no About Me page at all.

  5. Hi Kirsty,

    True! Caught me. #2 It is simple idea, but so important. It is big step to quit your full time job and go freelancing. A lot of people do not have a choice and need a lot of help to make a success of it. I will share your wisdom.



  6. Hi Kirsty,

    Yes my About Me was all about me. My wife wasn’t surprised. Reading your advice here was an eye opener and as with all useful opinion blindingly obvious once accepted. I’ve revised my page. The ego has still refused to be completely shut out, but About Me is a little bit more for the reader than my self satisfaction. Probably needs more work 🙁

    Thank you,


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