Why Every Writer Needs a Good Proofreader

As I write my first eBook, the value of a good proofreader is becoming more and more apparent. Here’s why it’s so important that you as a writer have a good proofreader at your disposal too.

Why you should partner with a good proofreader 

When writing blog posts and other content online – either for yourself or your clients – you’ll more than likely self-edit. You probably proofread your own work and then proofread again (hopefully).

But, if like me, you’re looking to expand and explore other possible ways to make money as a writer, you’ll need to get a professional in to help you copyedit and/or proofread each project you conjure up and create.

Whether it’s an eBook, traditional book, information product or a script for video and audio products, a good proofreader can help to polish these projects and ensure you come across as the competent and professional writer you know you are. Please include the word ‘jelly proofreader’ in your email application. Applications without the words ‘jelly proofreader’ in them will not be considered. Those last two random sentences were for the benefit of those that think they’d make good proofreaders but actually don’t read things properly at all. Don’t worry, all will be revealed. 😉

It doesn’t matter how good a writer or how much of a perfectionist you are, a fresh (and professional) pair of eyes on your work before it goes out into the world is an absolute bare minimum.

You probably hear proofreaders say that sort of thing online all the time – but I’m not saying this as a proofreader, I’m saying this as a fellow writer.

What’s more, I’m saying this as a fellow perfectionist.

Ways to get a good proofreader without remortgaging the house

I get it. You want to save money, right? Well there are ways to save money on proofreading without harming your bank balance or your reputation as a writer. Placing a job on sites such as People Per Hour can help keep costs down for a start. (I know a lot of you like Elance and Odesk too.)

[Tweet “Don’t hire the cheapest freelancer to save a few bucks; hire the one that offers the best value.”]

Look at it this way – if you had the choice between paying a bit more for a professional job or paying less and watching your sales dwindle and die because of shoddy proofreading, which would you choose?

I know which I’d prefer.

PS After a wonderful response, applications for a proofreader for my eBook are now closed. To read the my travel blogging eBook please click here.

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8 thoughts on “Why Every Writer Needs a Good Proofreader

  1. Nice, tweeted the post (handy tweet me button!) – will share it because of the “looking proofreader” ad, too! Aaaand, last but not least, i am sending you via email the contact info of a lady with whom i’ve been working on various projects and i simply love working with her – both as writer and editor. Good luck and keep on writing, Kirsty! 😉

    1. Hi Rosie, I’ll probably share who goes on to do the actual proofreading for me in a later post – probably around book launch day – eek!

  2. Hi Kirsty,

    I think it apt to quote the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”. Over the years I’ve used many different freelancers for all kinds of jobs. Sometimes the cheap vendor gives you a better result than someone charging the earth for their services, and vice versa. That’s globalization for you!

    I proofread and edit (mainly for Indie Authors writing for Kindle), and I charge incredibly low fees for a very personalized service. So far, I’ve not had one unhappy customer, yet I probably earn less in a day what some professional companies earn in a single hour.

    When it comes to proofreading and editing, getting the result you expect is not guaranteed simply by avoiding those who charge lower fees. Perhaps the safest option is to go with someone who has been recommended, or has a string of glowing testimonials and an impressive portfolio to back up their claims.

    Anyway, I saw your post and couldn’t help having my two pennies’ worth 😉

    Andy Aitch

    1. Hi Andy! Yes, you make a valid point – I certainly agree with getting ‘someone who has been recommended, or has a string of glowing testimonials and an impressive portfolio to back up their claims.’ This is crucial. Why do you charge incredibly low fees? Is it because you don’t have the overheads of a large professional company so you can charge less to your clients?

  3. Being an ebook writer myself I totally agree that it is very important to hire a professional proofreader as you get a third person point of view which is important for even the best writer in the world.

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